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vfe.sh 1.3

Just put up a new version of the vfe.sh script that includes an option to create a VP8/.webm version of your video alongside the OGG/.ogv and MPEG/.mp4. Success of the script depends on ffmpeg 0.6. As before, you also need ffmpeg2theora and qtfaststart.py.

Now I'll be able to work on including VP8/.webm in the External Video for Everybody WordPress plugin.

vfe.sh 1.2

This upgrade involves a little adjustment to force the ffmpeg output codec to libx264. I also changed the default frame rate to 30. You can edit the script to set the default to whatever you like, and you can override the default with the -f flag.

Upgrade for vfe.sh

I've just updated the vfe.sh shell script to harmonize better with the latest version of the External Video for Everybody plugin.

  • The poster.mp4 file will now be created only if you set a -q flag
  • You can designate an output file name that differs from the input file name by providing an optional second argument

The link to the current version of the script is in the sidebar.