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Welcome to my personal home page. On this site you will find links to and descriptions of digital projects I have worked on both privately and professionally. 3.0

New version of works with ffmpeg v1 and up. Overall the changes to ffmpeg increase the similarity between the ffmpeg and the libav suites, so that makes my life a little easier. I... 2.0

The latest version of (2.0) allows you to select whether the script will run the transcoding commands using an 'ffmpeg' or 'avconv' command. The default is ffmpeg, and it's the kind of thing... 1.11

I just pushed a new version of the script to github: This version (1.11) drops the use of ffmpeg2theora. All of the relevant functionality of this utility is available through ffmpeg. For...


Posters (EVfE v1.0)

Version 1.0 of the "External Video for Everybody" WordPress plugin addresses two issues relating to poster images for HTML5 videos: First-time activations will now use poster images by default. This is a reversal of... on github

I just moved the code over to a repository on github. I have not made any changes to the code, but if I do this is where you will find them in the...

External VfE 0.9

I have just released a new version (0.9) of the "External Video for Everybody" WordPress plugin. The new version updates to Video for Everybody 0.4.2 and also includes an option to use Steve Heffernan's...

External VfE 0.8

I've just released version 0.8 of the External "Video for Everybody" WordPress plugin. The plugin now supports delivery of .webm video files. The change to the  HTML is minor, and it's been part of... 1.3

Just put up a new version of the script that includes an option to create a VP8/.webm version of your video alongside the OGG/.ogv and MPEG/.mp4. Success of the script depends on ffmpeg...