Feeds à la carte

Feeds à la carte is a WordPress plugin that renders a simple shortcode as a table of category feeds with subscription buttons. You can use the shortcode on any page or post. The feeds will be listed alphabetically and hierarchically. A few options allow you to configure the listing to some extent.

The plugin is now hosted on the WordPress.org repository at:


The basic form of the shortcode is:


Optional attributes to configure the feed listing are:

  • child_of: will list only the descendants of a category ID
  • parent: will list only the immediate children of a category ID
  • hide_empty: use "1" for true or "0" for false — defaults to "1"
  • exclude: exclude a comma-separated list of category ID's
  • include: include a comma-separated list of category ID's
  • site_feed: Defaults to "true" — any other value will suppress the initial row referring to the sitewide feed.

For more details please refer to the WordPress codex:


Change log:

  • 0.5 -- Adds a line for the site feed
    • includes an option to suppress using a shortcode attribute
  • 0.4.1 -- fixed title in readme.txt
  • 0.4 -- added screenshot
  • 0.3 -- fixed problem with links to categories; tightened some styling
  • 0.2 -- small style change: table is no longer 100% width by default
  • 0.1 -- initial release